With English being the number one foreign language used in Cyprus, Plato Educational Services offers a wide range of English lessons for all levels and ages. Traditionally, English language courses have been considered an essential part of education in Cyprus. Throughout the years, teaching English has evolved from a passive and standard course to a creative and innovative subject.


Plato Educational Services in Limassol, Cyprus offers English lessons from age 3+ in the English for Juniors programme. The course aims to introduce young children to a foreign language through games, songs and rhymes. These three concepts activate learning and set the right base for future progress in languages.

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These lessons range from:

  • Superminds : Age 3-5 (Nursery)
  • Superminds :Ages 6-8 ( Pre-school)
  • Cambridge: Starters
  • Cambridge: Movers (A1)
  • Cambridge: Flyers (A2)
  • Cambridge KET (B1-)
  • Cambridge PET (B1+)
  • Cambridge  Pre-FCE (B2)
  • Cambridge  FCE (B2+)
  • Cambridge IGCSE  (C1)
  • Cambridge IELTS (C2)

Plato’s teaching methods begin using the traditional approach of following a course book, and go on to develop in steps through the integration of games, sound, movement, fun, poems, songs, role-plays, media interaction and much more. This teaches the social function of language, which is necessary for success in communication.

CLIL and TPR are widely used in Plato English classes


Both the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) are examinations which measure a student’s ability to use and understand English at the university level and are therefore a vital certification to attain for students who are planning to study overseas at a university that requires strong English skills.

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