Summer Package Programme for Individual Students

Prices (per week) 1 week 2 weeks 3+ weeks
Residential: Teens €700 pw, pp €1400 pw, pp On Request
Residential: Junior Club (age 10-13) €700 pw, pp €1400 pw, pp On Request
 Groups: Special prices for groups  of 8-10 students minimum .Please contact: for a quote
  •  Programme starts on the 1st Monday in June and continues to  the end of August.
  • We don’t work on National Holidays ,however arrangements are made to cover any lost hours .
  • Package includes 7 nights F/B Accommodation at Plato Residence OR at Pefkos City Hotel
  • ( (All meals are hot , freshly cooked and homemade)
  • 20 forty-five-minute  lessons per week (15 hours p.w
  • intensive English =  20-25  hrs tuition per week  (30  hrs pw also offered on request) .
  • Morning OR Afternoon and evening activities on the beach (sailing, Surfing, Swimming, Canoeing ,Beach Volley, Football, Team Games, Cinema, Karaoke ,Disco Night,  visits,.1 full-day excursion per week, 3 half-day excursions/visits per week.
  • The accommodation  is less than 50 metres from the school (THREE-MINUTE WALK!)
  •  Transfers .Placement Test, Educational Material. End-of-course  certificate based on CEFR level and progress report. Six-month password for Free online learning .24 hour Welfare. Graduation ceremony .Plato T-shirt .  Class size: Maximum 10.Arrival and departure days: Saturday, Sunday or Monday .
  • Day Camp Monday to Friday 09.00-16.00 .  15 hrs per week (20  forty-five-minute lessons )    per
  • ( 1 half-day excursion ,lunch and afternoon snack inclusive.
  • Special prices for groups.
  • 1 Group  Leader FREE for every 10 students if accommodated at Plato Residence and 1 FREE leader for every 10-12 students if accommodated at a hotel
  • Second Group Leader sharing room with 1st  Group Leader 150 Euro per week if accommodated at Plato Residence.
  • Individual Airport Transfers: One way by taxi  (maximum 4 passengers ) 65 Euro.
  • Payer is responsible for all bank transfer charges.

Prices for Individuals Students. Tuition Only

PRICES (per week pp) 20 forty five-minute LESSONS per week 1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks Registration Fee
GE+IELTS  Programmes 25 lessons € 350 pw € 345 pw € 25 Euro
One-to-one €30 per hour 10 hours: €300 20 hours: €590 > 15 hours pw €25 per hour
ESP one-to-one 10h pw €300 2 weeks €590 3 weeks+

€ 285 pw

10 hours+ On request

1. Luxury Cottage Accommodation


2.Hotel accommodation at Pefkos City Hotel (

3. Family Accommodation :Plato Residence/Plato House. Free wifi , air-conditioned , FREE self-service washing machine, fully furnished kitchen with all cooking facilities, spacious lounge, patio,

Plato Residence Self-catering  Accommodation fully air-conditioned, Free wifi in all areas ,fully equipped kitchen with washing machine , spacious lounge ,patio and spacious common areas etc

Single:  210 Euro per  per week.  (BB, HB , FB on request)

Twin: 120  Euro per person per  week. (BB,HB ,FB on request)

Triple: 90 Euro per person per week. (BB,HB ,FB on request)


Single: 210 Euro per  week. (BB,HB ,FB on request)

Twin: 120 Euro per person per week. (BB,HB,FB on request)

Triple: 95 Euro per person per week. (BB,HB ,FB on request)


Single 240 Euro per person per week with breakfast. (HB ,FB on request)

Twin: 180 Euro per person per week with breakfast. (FB on request)

Triple:120 Euro per person per week with breakfast. (FB on request)


Single 260 Euro per week with breakfast. (HB,FB on request)

Double 180 Euro per week per person with breakfast (HB,FB on request)

Triple:120 Euro per person per week with breakfast. (HB,FB on request)



Single:215 Euro per  week. (BB,HB,FB on request)

Twin: 120 Euro per person per week. (BB,HB,FB on request)

Triple: 100  per person per week (BB,HB,FB on request)

Hotel Accommodation


BB Single: On request

BB Double:On request

BB Triple :On request

BB Triple: On request


BB Single :On request

BB Double: On request)

BB Triple: On request


BB Single :On request

BB Double: On request)

Triple: On request


BB Single: On request

BB Double & BB Triple: On request)


25% Commission on fees


PRICES (pw pp) lessons 1 -2 weeks 3-4 weeks  Registration Fee
GENERAL ENGLISH (Teens/Adults) 20 lessons pw €250 pw € 248 pw 30 Euro
INTENSIVE ENGLISH       25 lessons pw

TESOL/TEFL           1260 Euro 190 hours Accredited Certificate

Executive ESP Programmes    one-to-one  25 lessons pw

Executive ESP Programmes one-to-one     20 lessons pw




€334 pw


600 Euro


450 Euro









(AGE 3-4)
10 hrs   pw €190 pw €195 pw Extra week €175
Creative Writing
10 hrs pw €400
(AGE 5-6)
10 hrs pw €195 €190 Extra week €185
9.00-13.00 (longer)
15 €220
20 €465 €460  NO
Day Camp M-F 20 345 340
Extra Adult (pw) 20 €195
ESP (Industry, Management, Law, Education) 20 €350 €345
HOMESCHOOLING for Juniors 50 Euro pw NO
TEFL/TESOL 4 Weeks €1260
  • All programme are from Monday to Friday and are offered in 60 minute sessions.
  • 35 Euro registration fee for individuals.25 Euro Family Registration .20 Registration fee for groups. Educational Material: FREE
  • FREE entrance to all the archaeological sites, castles and museums
  • FREE entrance to a Karaoke club
  • Accommodation on request. Airport Transfer by taxi (4 persons) €65 (One way)

GROUP Quotation on request